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We do our site as a hobby in our spare time and we provide all design downloads on this page for free. It is the positive feedback we recieve from fellow-stitchers all over the world which motivates us, and constantly pushes us to add new designs. We are very interested in comments, and we love to learn about how our desings are used around the world. We would also like to recieve suggestions for new FSL designs. If you have some nice pictures (without copyright issues) which could be turned into embroidery designs, we would love to receive them. Chances are that they may return as freebie-designs on this homepage later. We are in particular interested in freestanding lace (FSL) motifs and "traditional handcraft" designs.

For all these purposes, please use the contact form or the email provided at the bottom of this page.

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We always look forward to receive feedback. Please tell us how you like our designs or what you're using them for. Feedback keeps us motivated! If you don't like writing in English, use the language you want! We'll find a way to translate...

Please keep in mind that some emails get placed in our SPAM folder and we might not notice them. We make every effort to watch out for your e-mail but if we don't respond, please don't be angry. It is only our intention to protect our mailbox from mass-mail spam robots.

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It is perfectly okay if you use our designs (-for private use only-) and never pay anything, especially if you can´t afford to do so easily, but if you spend money on commercial designs, you might consider a voluntary donation to help us providing freebies for everyone. Or you might want to thank us in a more personal way and send us some of your local stamps for our collection.

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