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Last update of this data 11/01/2014.
Since launching the site on 27/10/2008:

We had over 1.898.800 downloads of our 220+ designs.
(~1000 design downloads/day)
Files were downloaded from over 173000 distinct IPs.

The most favourite design was angel with present which was downloaded over 32500 times.

We have recieved over 800 feedback emails
and 62 people donated towards our homepage since 2008.
We have also recieved 10 sets of stamps (from USA/Canada/NL/Belgium/Denmark) which we like very much.

We have recieved 1 image for inspiration of new designs.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging us.


660+ times the homepage was downloaded as a whole using according automatic tools. Please don't do this !
It causes unecessary high server load and has forced us to take the homepage offline 3 times so far.